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After being born from a cow, Jordan grew up on a manure farm surrounded by frogs who taught him how to sing. While interacting with little amish boys and little amish girls, Jordan sang show tunes to the flowers so they flourished and heavy metal to the weeds so they would die (seriously, who actually listens to heavy metal because they like it?).

Anyway, you can usually find Jordan doing pilates with women above the age of 60 when he isn’t crying about how hard his pre-medicine classes are. The highlight of his career is having created the hit show that took the world by storm: Breaking Amish. The first episode got over 10 billion views. After four episodes, Jordan realized he was unhappy with the farming industry and decided to go to college.

After departing from his amish lifestyle, he came to American University. Then, when Jordan started praying to the stars, he realized being 10 feet away from Ariana Grande at her sweetener / thank u, next tour was his passion in life and made him feel whole. Oh, he also pours his milk before his cereal.

Jordan Texidor

The Messy Note

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